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5 Thanksgiving Dinner Cleaning Tips


Five cleaning tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

From the cleaning experts!


Thanksgiving Dinner Table

  1. KITCHEN PREP:  Start with a “fresh” kitchen. This means an empty dishwasher, empty trashcan, and clutter-free. Have trash bags readily available.
  2. GUEST WORK:  Encourage guests to do the work by placing trash bins throughout each room.  This will give them a nudge to throw away their own trash!
  3. SPILL KIT:  Prep for the inevitable spill by placing paper towel rolls around the sitting areas. Have an emergency spill “kit” nearby to quickly pick up a spill or blot to avoid stains.
  4. DELEGATE! Designate a couple of people to periodically collect plates, cups, and trash left throughout the house. This won’t take anyone much time and will save a lot of time on the back end.
  5. SMART SERVING: Avoid serving “messy” food and drink, if possible. Lots of sauces and dips can lead to lots of spills. Use tablecloths! At the bar, avoid sticky and complicated cocktail mixing. It’s also great to put the bar outside if it’s warm to prevent the inevitable spills on the floor.

Knowing clean up won’t be as daunting, you can relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving event!

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