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Carpet Care Technologies

Extend Carpet Life. Avoid Replacement. Save Money.

Program Description

Carpet is a significant investment. BMS’s proprietary low-moisture soil encapsulation cleaning technology extends your carpet life, saves money, and keeps your carpet looking beautiful. Our technology uses special polymers that surround and suspend soil particles. This allows for easy soil removal and shorter drying time, prevents “over wetting” the backing system, and resists staining and re-soiling.


  • Carpet reintroduced to service much faster than traditional methods, resulting in less down time.
  • Process works well on all carpet types, including wool.
  • Carpets look better and last longer.
  • Mold and mildew prevention improves indoor air quality.


  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Convention centers
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Multi-family residential

Our Science

We measure proof of soil removal using Delta E readings. Delta E measures the reflection of light. More soil in carpet means a greater “bounce” of light and a higher reading. Less soil in carpet means diffused light and thus a lower reading.

The readings compare carpet cleaned with our technology vs. other common extraction chemistry vs. a carpet that's never cleaned (the control). The readings provide scientific visual evidence of our technology's superior cleaning efficacy.
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Industries We Serve


BMS is proud to service some of the most high profile commercial properties in the market, including building common spaces and tenant spaces of all shapes and sizes.


BMS provides comprehensive solutions to federal & local government, GSA, military, and government contractors. We are registered in, and follow HSPD-12 guidelines for staff onboarding.


Healthy and clean campus environments are not only good for student health, but also help attract prospective students. BMS is proud to clean some of the most prestigious campuses in the country.


First impressions make all the difference. With BMS your guests will experience clean from the minute they enter the lobby. From event and common spaces to back-of-the-house, we have you covered.

Multi-family Residential

Our Green Clean program ensures we are cleaning for your residents’ health first. Our architectural restoration and maintenance keeps your properties looking beautiful.


BMS’s wood, metal, and stone maintenance and custodial capabilities ensure even the busiest retail spaces sparkle inside and out. Our security services protect to the highest end retail spaces.

Service Excellence

Our multi-layered Center of Service Excellence is the backbone of our company that enables us to deliver first class building services and develop long lasting business partnerships.

Quality Control

BMS Quality Control allows us to regularly develop, test and maintain our programs and certifications to ensure the consistent delivery of quality services.

BMS University

Our training and development, with over 100 courses, ensures our staff are engaged and well trained. As a result, they stay with us longer, are better utilized and deliver the best service.

Client Services

A robust infrastructure, strong onsite presence, and frequent communications are key elements that allow BMS to maintain first class service standards within the commercial real estate industry. The BMS staffing structure is multi-layered, with a single dedicated point of contact overseeing your account.

Sustainable Initiatives

NIH studies find a direct correlation between green cleaning and improved cognitive function. This is one of many reasons BMS cleans to LEED standards in all buildings, all the time, creating a healthy working or living environment.

Specialty Services

BMS offers a robust suite of specialty services to commercial buildings and tenants. Our staff is certified and well trained. Our equipment tracking program ensures all property management equipment is modern, powerful, and well-maintained.

National Presence. Regional Offices.

  • New York

    11 Penn Plaza
    New York, New York 10001
  • Washington

    251 18th Street South Suite 504
    Arlington, VA 22202
  • Chicago

    222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
    Chicago, IL 60654
  • Charlottesville

    5 Boars Head Lane, Garden 2
    Charlottesville, VA 22903
  • Richmond

    100 Concourse Boulevard, Suite 107
    Glen Allen, VA 23059
  • Norfolk

    999 Waterside Drive Suite 410
    Norfolk, VA 23510

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