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BMS Launches New Subsidiary: Carpet Care Technologies (CCT – USA)

Press release

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Delivering A One-Of-A-Kind Carpet Care Solution

The leading building maintenance provider for real estate across New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., Building Maintenance Service LLC (BMS), has launched a unique carpet care service.  The offering uses a proprietary low-moisture soil encapsulation technology.  The technology, developed by the largest nylon and chemical company in the U.S., delivers ultra-fast drying capabilities and long-term carpet protection against soiling.  This significantly extends carpet life.

Carpet Care Technologies

The new service is provided by BMS’s subsidiary, Carpet Care Technologies (CCT – USA).  CCT is overseen by industry veteran Tom Lawless, Vice President, and General Manager.  “Our technology solves the biggest issues related to carpet cleaning.  These include long carpet “downtime” to allow for drying, as well as the issue of quick re-soiling, which creates the need for more frequent cleanings and shortens carpet life.  For industries such as hospitality, for example, the ability to re-open an area quickly after carpet cleaning has a direct impact on the bottom line,” said Mr. Lawless.


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How It Works

The one-of-a-kind technology uses soil encapsulation such that special polymers surround and suspend soil particles, allowing for easy removal.  The method avoids “over-wetting,” dries within an hour, and resists staining and re-soiling.  Check out our video demonstration.  The process is also Carpet & Rug Institute Certified.

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Nationwide Services

CCT – USA has successfully deployed the service nationwide to numerous clients, providing restorative care and ongoing maintenance programs.  The solution has been deployed in commercial real estate, hospitality, Fortune 500, residential, schools and universities, medical facilities, and other verticals.

To learn more about CCT – USA services, contact Tom Lawless at or 917-960-1849.

About BMS

For over 30 years, the BMS family of companies has provided first-class janitorial, security, architectural restoration, and other specialty building services to more than 100 million square feet of real estate across six markets.  BMS serves the largest commercial real estate, hospitality, medical, and Fortune 500 companies in the nation.  We are industry leaders and innovators focusing on quality, sustainability, and technology.

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