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How CIMS Certification Prepared Us for COVID


To our valued Clients:

BMS Building Maintenance Services - ISSA CIMS GB Certified with Honors

BMS is an ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS)-certified organization with honors, which means that we are among an elite group of cleaning service providers that are prepared to deliver quality, customer-focused services.

As part of the CIMS certification process, an independent CIMS assessor has audited our systems, processes, and policies to ensure compliance to cleaning-industry best practices outlined in the CIMS Standard.

How has CIMS certification prepared us to clean and disinfect at a high level during the COVID-19 pandemic? We have successfully fulfilled the following elements of the CIMS standard and leverage them routinely to ensure clean, safe, and healthy environments for our customers, staff, and building occupants:

Emergency Response

We have a plan to respond to emergency service needs, including infectious disease outbreaks like COVID-19. (CIMS Standard § 2.1.8)

Pandemic Plan

Disaster Planning

We have a plan to deal with natural or man-made disasters such as infectious disease outbreaks. (CIMS Standard § 2.1.9)

Technical Training

We maintain a written curriculum for technical training of cleaning personnel and documentation of personnel that has been trained. This training applies to all cleaning chemicals and equipment your organization employs in your cleaning process, including disinfectants. (CIMS Standard § 3.6.1)

Chemical Safety

Our cleaning staff uses chemicals in a safe and proper manner in accordance with all manufacturer instructions. Further, we follow standard operating procedures for all chemicals and equipment—including disinfectants—based on CDC and EPA guidelines.  (CIMS Standard §

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We document our selection and use of PPE, a critical component to protecting our workers’ and building occupants’ health and safety. Further, we comply with all applicable OSHA and state requirements for PPE use. (CIMS Standard § 4.1.3)

PPE & Bloodborne Pathogen Training

We train our employees annually regarding the hazards of cleaning blood and other potentially infectious material along with the proper use of PPE to keep everyone safe. (CIMS Standard §


The CIMS certification equips us to manage COVID-19 challenges and deliver quality cleaning and disinfection services every day. You can feel confident that we are prepared and prioritize your health and safety as we conduct our work.

Thank you for your continued trust in us as your service provider. For more information about CIMS certification, visit or contact us to learn more about our CIMS-certified operation.


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