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It’s Simple. BMS Does What it Says It’ll Do.

BMS Building Maintenance Services - Mike Doherty

By Mike Doherty, President, BMS

Many people have heard me say the phrase, “It’s simple, you do what you say you’ll do”.  This is a great way to run your life, but I usually say it about our cleaning business.  In order to run a business this way and deliver promises, a company must have in place a supportive infrastructure.  This includes things like well-planned business processes, the right technology, and a culture driven by quality and integrity.

Having just successfully completed our ISSA CIMS-GB (Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Building) re-certification process, I reflect on what the award says about our ability to deliver on this concept.

The certification process requires the CIMS assessor to truly learn the nuts and bolts of how our business works.  Simply put, the assessor is evaluating if we actually do what we say we do.

So, what does BMS say it will do, and how do we make it happen?  The list could go on, but here are some of the most important areas:

We use sustainable methods and practices.BMS Green Clean Logo

BMS uses sustainable methods and practices that promote the health of building occupants and create a greener environment.

Through our BMS Green Clean program, we have cultivated a culture of sustainability.  We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the chemicals we use are safe for the environment, building occupants and our cleaning staff.  We train our employees as well as our clients on sustainable practices. Our two LEED AP O+M certified sustainability managers regularly help our clients achieve LEED and WELL Building certifications. BMS is Green Seal certified, and we partner with USGBC and others to promote sustainability.

We keep your space clean.Wiping Surface

By delivering a clean work environment every day, we help create pleasant work spaces that improve employee productivity.

A lot goes into ensuring we are doing a great job cleaning.  The most important thing, however, is proper employee training and experience.  BMS has a robust training program, BMS University, with over 100 courses.  We also provide real time and immediate feedback to our onsite staff daily through our Touch 5 Training.  BMS University gives our staff the tools to do a great job and provides opportunities for them to specialize.  As a result they stay with us longer.  We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

We also have a robust quality assurance program, with a separate department dedicated to conducting quality inspections and providing feedback.  Our online quality control application provides transparency and accountability.

We deliver first class service.

BMS delivers first class service and is highly responsive to customer needs.

Deliver promises and service

Your cleaning company is an integral part of your building operation.  Not only do you want the building to be clean, but you want the customer service experience to be seamless.  BMS has a multi-tiered management structure.  As a result, our staff-to-client ratio is reasonable and ensures we are in the buildings monitoring the work and engaging with the clients regularly.  Our management level staff has a great amount of tenure and many of them have risen through the ranks.  Their wealth of experience is invaluable to our service.

These are just a few examples, but I hope you get the idea.  We have built BMS to deliver the best in class service in our industry.  This means we deliver promises by providing the service the client asks for and verify it every day.

We do what we say we’ll do!

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