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Out-of-Sight Shouldn’t Mean Out-of-Mind


Janitorial Service: How Do You Really Know You’re Getting What You Pay For?


Cleaning is often an “out-of-sight” service.  This means the work is performed in the most non-intrusive ways. The goal is to have a seamless and “discreet” process.  There is just one pitfall to this model.  Out-of-sight can quickly become “out-of-mind”, and not in a good way.  When you never see your janitorial staff in person, communication issues arise.  Are you sure your janitorial provider is fulfilling their contract?  How and when are they conducting inspections and quality control?  What training requirements are in place for their staff?  These are just a few important questions you should be asking.

BMS has partnered with CleanTelligent Software to roll out their janitorial communication and tracking solution to our clients.  Through this, we are able to provide greater insight into the services we are providing.

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Are we fulfilling the responsibilities of our contract?

With CleanTelligent, a schedule of our services is housed in the system.  Therefore, you can always access the information.  In addition, we are able to provide full reports on those services.

Are we conducting inspections and ensuring quality control?

The system also allows our staff to manage detailed quality control inspections throughout the building with custom inspection forms.  As a result, the quality reports give our clients visibility into past quality inspections.  In addition we are able to detect trends and make improvements.

Are we conducting the proper training ensure the highest standards?

BMS has one of the most robust training programs in the industry, with over 1,000 classes.  Through CleanTelligent we can track and manage our training programs.  Therefore, we ensure our staff is using the most current methods available, and receiving “on-the-job” instruction to improve performance.

Most of all, CleanTelligent helps us help you. 

Finally, BMS managers can provide standard business reviews with analysis of CleanTelligent data.  Through this, we can offer recommendations for improvements to our service.

The CleanTelligent solution has made BMS much more efficient.  It has simplified and improved our client communications.  Therefore, our clients enjoy an improved work process and quality control system throughout their portfolios.

Learn more about our janitorial services here.

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