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Ten NYC Subway Stations Deep Cleaned by BMS: MTA Subway Cleaning Project

Case Studies

In January 2019, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced it would be hiring outside contractors to “deep clean” 106 of its 472 subway stations, as well as 3,000 subway cars.  BMS was selected as one of approximately 20 vendors initially contracted to conduct the large-scale subway cleaning.

Subway cleaning

The project began in January and took six months to complete.  BMS was especially proud to be one of only a handful of vendors that remained under contract for the entire duration of the project.  The company received a significant portion of the work across Brooklyn and Manhattan.

MTA Subway Cleaning Requirements

While MTA conducts general subway cleaning regularly, they had not deep cleaned to this extent before this project.  The project falls under the agency’s “Subway Action Plan” released in 2017.  The plan includes numerous initiatives.  Its goal is to “make improvements to stabilize the system and lay the foundation for modernization.”

The deep cleaning included power washing of surfaces such as station floors, walls, historic ceramic tile, ceilings, and stair treads.  Hard-to-access light fixtures were detailed and cleaned using specialized equipment.  Kiosks and fare collection booths, as well as furniture such as benches, were polished and restored.

Project Planning and Safety

“This project was a unique undertaking.  Subway traffic interference, as well as general safety, were of concern during the project due to the types of equipment and chemicals required.  As such, BMS performed the work overnight.  We used “green cleaning” products, and took very extensive safety precautions.  These efforts paid off.  We had no reported injuries during the entire subway cleaning project.” said Juan Francisco, Executive Vice President, BMS.

BMS developed unique solutions to address safety.  For example, BMS stationed designated equipment aboveground.  We then ran special hoses from the equipment down into the stations.  These measures eliminated the risks, such as fire or fumes, of bringing the equipment underground.  (Read about BMS’s Workplace Safety initiatives here.)

Before and After

The stations cleaned up beautifully!

23rd Street Turnstile Area - BEFORE

23rd Street turnstile – BEFORE


23rd Street Turnstile Area - AFTER

23rd Street turnstile – AFTER


Dingy Platform - BEFORE

Dingy platform – BEFORE


Platform - IN PROGRESS

Platform – IN PROGRESS



Bright platform - AFTER

Bright platform – AFTER


Subway Sensors - BEFORE

Subway sensors – BEFORE


Subway Sensors - AFTER WOW!!

Subway sensors – AFTER WOW!!


Dirt & Grime - BEFORE

Years of dirt & grime – BEFORE


No Dirt & Grime - AFTER!!

No dirt & grime!! – AFTER


23rd Street - BEFORE

23rd Street – BEFORE


23rd Street - AFTER

23rd Street – AFTER


Caked on Gum & Gunk - BEFORE

Caked on gum & gunk – BEFORE


Gum & Gunk Gone - AFTER

Gum & gunk gone – AFTER


Dingy Dirty Walls & Floor - BEFORE

Dingy walls & floor – BEFORE


Bright clean walls and floor - AFTER

Bright clean walls and floor – AFTER


Wow, what a drastic difference!  We are proud of the hard work our teams put into these challenging projects.

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