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Why You Should Care About Your Cleaning Company’s Turnover Rate


The janitorial industry is known for its high turnover rate, which averages around 200%.

A high turnover rate means new employees must continually be trained.  This comes at a high cost. Most importantly, service quality also suffers due to a lack of consistency and knowledge.

There are effective steps cleaning companies can take to reduce their turnover rate.  We know these steps work. BMS boasts one of the lowest employee turnover rates in our industry, averaging only 28% over the past three years.

1. Creating Career Growth Paths

Motivated employees will almost certainly leave if there’s no path forward. From day one BMS employees know that promotion is a possibility. Almost all our management staff was promoted from within.  Our average management tenure is around eight years.

2. Giving and Receiving Frequent Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback more than just once a year is critical in this business. BMS conducts quarterly staff reviews. These reviews are a two-way communications tool.

3. Focusing on Employee Health and Safety

Cleaning is physically laborious. Certainly, the wrong chemicals pose health problems. BMS has robust safety and sustainable/healthy cleaning programs, with third-party validation. Our employees appreciate that we care.

4. Providing Ample Training Opportunities

Through BMS University, we offer over 100 training classes.  These include language and management training to provide our staff with opportunities for learning and growth.

5. Offering Performance Incentives

Recognition and a “thank you” goes a long way. BMS provides employee recognition and various financial incentives for high performers.  We also provide tuition reimbursement for those seeking educational opportunities.

6. Providing Workload Balance

Productivity rates in the cleaning industry have a significant impact on morale. Hence, BMS developed and utilizes a highly specialized cleaning model for optimal efficiency, productivity, and sustainable performance that also doesn’t spread our staff too thin.

A great marker for low turnover rate:  ISSA CIMS GB with Honors Certification

BMS Building Maintenance Services - ISSA CIMS GB Certified with HonorsThe Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, ISSA, regularly reviews and certifies BMS’s management processes.  Most noteworthy, ISSA has given BMS its highest Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification, “ISSA CIMS GB with Honors”.  Companies that hold this level of the certification tend to have lower turnover rates than their peers because they maintain the high achievement standard.

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